Friday, December 25, 2009

About Me

I sing and play guitar... I'm involved in many areas of music, film, software/media and business...

By the mid-nineties, through my work at Dream Quest, Universal and various other studios, I had been involved in over twenty-eight feature films and over eight hundred Hollywood productions. My career includes work on such films as the Abyss, Total Recall, People Under The Stairs, Beetlguise, Deep Rising, and Armageddon.

As a musician (guitarist, producer, singer-songwriter) I have over twenty years behind me. I have released my own albums, had songs on the radio, produced over seventeen records and performed live in front of audiences of over twenty thousand people. I've shared the stage and various productions with some of music's most renowned recording artists including: Eric Clapton, Michel Jackson, Madonna, Alice and Chains, Guns-N-Roses, Billy Idol, Van Halen, John Lee Hooker, Robert Cray, and more.

Rolling into the two thousands, trying to make my way as a businessman, I gained a fair share of experience with four start-ups under my belt: Sky Asylum Films, Fleetwood Recording Studios, When Pigs Fly Records and most recently I Demand Systems, LLC. IDS is a software research and development company with patent dates in over eighty countries. It was a vision that traces back to the mid-nineties: a business model that set-out to align independent musicians with the advent up-coming Internet technologies. Originally I set-out to write the software code for a new type of Internet music-site/service, conceived as sort of an interactive MTV for the next generation that allowed customers to buy and sell music over a network (on demand). In the early stages of development, while hacking-out the framework for the website, I inadvertently stumbled into the concept for a new type of system – combining video and e-commerce into a unified format.
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